Rulers Analytics is an official Google Analytics technology partner integration allows you to integrate with Google Analytics and Google Adwords to create Goals for CRM Revenue. Your Google Analytics Goals can be mapped to Google AdWords Conversions to see your phone calls in AdWords also.

Ruler will send an event to Google Analytics when you receive a new Revenue record. Before attempting to send any events to Google Analytics ensure you have bot filtering turned off, or at least one view where bot filtering is not enabled.

We recommend as a best practice creating a new specific Ruler Analytics view in your Analytics account and turning off bot filtering if you are hesitant about turning this off globally.

Bot filtering can be disabled in your Analytics view under Admin > View settings.

Please note: this features requires the Marketing Attribution to be enabled so please contact us to ensure this is set-up correctly.

Step 1

The steps to set this up are as follows:

  1. Login to Google Analytics

  2. Click on “Admin”

  3. Click on “Goals” – “+New Goal”.

  4. Click on Custom

Step 2

5. Give the Goal a name such as “Revenue” and choose type “Event” then Continue.

Step 3

6. Add Category Equals “Revenue” and Action - Regular expression - “(Action|Offline)”.

7. If you require a custom label for order number etc please contact us

8. Save to complete.

Please contact us for more information.

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