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Manually upload Offline Sales Data into Ruler Analytics
Manually upload Offline Sales Data into Ruler Analytics

How to upload your Sales data via a CSV into Ruler Analytics

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For the Closed Loop Revenue Attribution platform you can manually import your data into Ruler Analytics via a CSV Upload. There are two methods you can take.
1 - Via the import tool in your Ruler Dashboard -

2 - Sending your CSV report to a specific email address. e.g [email protected] 

Why should I manually upload my CSV Data?

While the manual upload is the easiest option for uploading your sales into the dashboard, it is also a good alternative to a direct intergation with your CRM in the case that it does not allow 3rd party integrations, this method also requires no dev time or work.

Import to Ruler Analytics

Step one - Enable your API Key in the Dashboard

Step two - Download the template we have provided to use to upload your Sales data.  Download Here

Step three - Populate the CSV with your own sales data. Below is a summary of each field description.

Step four - Submit the file to Ruler. 

Email CSV Report to Ruler Analytics

Before you email over your CSV please ensure you confirm your email address and upload template with your Account manager. The same template as above can be used for this method as well. 

Step one - Confirm this will be the method to upload your sales with your account manager. 

Step two - Email over your CSV report to [email protected]

Step three - Check to see if your Revenue file has been upload. 

Please note upload may not be instant, before uploading multiple files get in touch with Ruler and we can assist.


I have submitted my file and I receive a successful result but I cannot see the data in Ruler. 

If the file submits successfully but you cannot see it under the Revenue tab in your dashboard, try to clear your cache and cookies and look again under Revenue.

I have submitted my file but I am missing some rows.

If a row contains any invalid parameters it may not upload with your csv. In this case there are a few things you can check to ensure you can successfully upload your file. 

1 - Check your Date format is correct

2 - Ensure you have a valid Email and Phone number format. You are required to have at least one of those fields completed. If both Email and Phone number are empty the file may not load. 

3 - You cannot upload values of 0 in the ‘Value’ field. Please use a Revenue Value - if you do not have this figure but want to recognise the sale, you can use a fixed value of 1. 

If you have noticed any rows that have not uploaded, check the formatting and suggested errors and then try to re upload just those rows again.

I have submitted the file to Ruler and I can see my data there, why can I not see this in my Google Analytics account?

1 - Check that you have got the Bot Filtering disabled within your Analytics View. Having Bot filtering on can prevent your sales data populating in Analytics. 

2 - Ensure you have provided a UA and that the UA relates to your desired account

3 - Ensure your Value field is rounded and contains no decimal place

Any issues or questions get in touch and we will be happy to assist. 

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