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What does 'Call Tracking' Mean
What does 'Call Tracking' Mean

What are the available call tracking options and what do they mean?

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Ruler's call tracking allows you to report on where your Inbound telephone leads were generated from giving you insight into the Marketing source, keyword, campaign and even go as far back as to calculate your marketing spend and later tie back a final revenue value that original phone call. 

There a few different Call Tracking options available

Dynamic Call Tracking 

This involves implementing script onto your website. Ruler will dynamically insert tracking numbers in the place of your phone numbers on site. Each new visitor will see a variation of a number, allowing us to link an inbound call with the individual visitor, including their original marketing source, all page views and any interactions they may have while on your site such as completing a form. 

Rulers cookies stay active for a year, therefore we can see multiple journeys and touch points of one individual visitor on your website.

Offline Call Tracking

Not all Inbound Calls are generated on site. With more marketing spend being spent on alternative marketing sources it makes sense to ensure you can track the success of these efforts.

Ruler can provide 'static' numbers, routing to your original number, to place on your offline advertisements, allowing you to track inbound calls from this source. 

Any questions about the type of call tracking that is best suited to you, get in touch today.

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