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Integration guide
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Step 1 – Tracking tag

Once you have logged in to your Ruler dashboard, you will be shown your websites JavaScript to add to your site.

Your Ruler tag must be on every page on the website you wish to track activity. To get started simply copy your JavaScript from the dashboard and paste into the Footer of your website just before the </body> tag.

Once this is complete you should start to see data in your reports within 15 minutes.

<script type="text/javascript">
var __raconfig = __raconfig || {};
__raconfig.uid = "<Your Site ID>";
__raconfig.action = "track";
(function () {
var ra = document.createElement("script");
ra.type = "text/javascript";
ra.src = "";
var s = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0];
s.parentNode.insertBefore(ra, s);

Step 2 – Form Tracking

Option one - Auto scrape form completions

Once your Main tracking script is within the footer of your website, Ruler can automatically scrape your form completions and send the data to your reporting dashboard.

To enable this in your dashboard, go to settings > site set up > enable auto scrape form tracking.

If you are having trouble getting your forms tracking, please contact us and let us know. We will be happy to look into this for you.

Option 2 - Manual PHP Form Tracking

If your form set up is more bespoke, or you are wanting to capture specific data from your forms, then manual form tracking may be the better option for you.

This tag should only be on the thank you pages that you wish to track a conversion on whether it be a lead, sale or other action. This tag will allow you to match your conversion to the exact source of traffic.

To integrate the tag copy and paste the following code to the thank you / completed checkout page, and ensure you populate the fields using your sites own PHP Language to pull through the specific variables you want to track.

It is possible to add any information / variables that you capture (such as the persons e-mail address or order number) to the Conversion tag, see below for an example, you can name the capture fields whatever you like.

This tag would capture other variables assuming they are available on the page e.g.:

<script type="text/javascript">

var RulerAnalyticsPayload = {
action: 'convert',
variable: 'PopulateWithVariable'


Please note if you do not populate the tag with your sites PHP the values will feed through to Ruler with blank data. If you need assistance with this get in touch with a member of the team who will be happy to assist.

Unbounce Forms

If you use Unbounce landing pages you may need to add some additional code to get your forms tracking in your Ruler dashboard. More information on this can be found here -

Step 3 – Phone Calls

In order to set up the Dynamic call tracking on your site, you must first ensure the Main JavaScript is implemented within the footer and is firing across all pages.

In order to insert the Ruler dynamic numbers to your existing numbers on site you will need to insert a specific class to your phone numbers HTML.

This can be done in various ways. (Please note the below is for example purposes only and your specific class name may differ. You will need to refer to your own set up instructions given upon sign up.)

Dynamic Number insertion without a Link

If you do not wish to have Click to Call enabled on a number, you can insert the class via a <Span> element. For example

<span class="rulertel">0800 000 000</span>

Please note this will not allow for numbers to be clicked and called on mobile

Dynamic Number Insertion with a Link

To allow for Click to Call on mobile devices, you will need to ensure your class is added within an <A> element. For example

<a class="rulertel" href='0800 000 000'>0800 000 000</a>

Dynamic Number Insertion on a Link only

If you have a raw number shown on desktop view, but a Phone Icon with a click to call link on mobile devices you will need to add both a <span> and <a> element.

For example

<a class="ruler-click" href='0800 0929301'><span class=”rulertel”0800 0929301</Span></a>

This will allow the raw number to rotate dynamically, while also ensuring your phone icon / button text does not get overridden with a number on mobile devices.

Further Insight

Once you have your Visits, Forms and Calls tracking, next steps involve ensuring you are getting the extra insight surrounding the data you are collecting.

Tagging URLs to ensure you see the specific Keyword, Campaign and Content that is driving visits and conversions.

Other Integrations

Ruler integrates with 1000+ other products via Zapier, read more here:

Closed Loop Revenue Attribution

Pass your closed sales to Ruler Analytics, allowing you attribute Revenue to the marketing source and specific campaigns and keywords that generated that lead.

More information on our Closed Loop integrations can be found here -

Need more help?

For more information please Contact us and we will be happy to help you through the process.

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