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URL Tagging - Valuetrack Parameters and UTMs
URL Tagging - Valuetrack Parameters and UTMs

How to ensure you see your Campaign and Keyword level tracking in Ruler Analytics

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Tagging up your URLs will allow Ruler to report some extra insight about the Marketing Source generating your visits and conversions to your site. 

Having the extra parameters on your final urls will allow you to make more informed decisions about your marketing efforts and give you the opportunity to compare the success of each within your Ruler Analytics Dashboard. 

Ruler recognises the standard utm and value track parameters such as





Something to bear in mind

It is imperative that you test each URL to make sure it works with your site as your site may rely on variables in the URL already. If your site URL already includes a ?variable you will need to use a &variable, for instance if your URL looked like this:

You would add:

The golden rule is to check your URLs for each type you set-up.

More information on URL Tagging best practices can be found here.

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