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Steps and best practices to ensure you get the most out of your Ruler Data

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At Ruler Analytics we want to be sure you get the most out of your data you are tracking within your dashboard. Completing onboarding is key to ensuring you have a full and complete data set within your dashboard to allow for accurate and smooth flowing Integrations and reports.

There are main areas to focus on

  • Website Implementation

  • Dashboard Setting configuration

  • Further Insight steps

  • Integration workflow setup

Website Implementation 

Adding your JavaScript 

To get started you will first need to add your Ruler JavaScript to your website in the footer. The JavaScript allows you to track visits, forms and calls so is a crucial first step in implementation. 

Your Ruler JavaScript can be found in your Ruler dashboard here.

Set up Call Tracking

If you are on one of our call tracking packages, you will need to set up the dynamic number insertion on your website to track your inbound calls. 

Add the class name, given to you in your set up instructions upon sign up, to the corresponding number on your website.

Enable Form Tracking

Enable Ruler to automatically track your forms in your dashboard here.

If after performing a few test submissions your forms are not landing in the dashboard let a member of the support team know and they can investigate. 

If your forms are within a Iframe, you will need to ensure the Ruler JavaScript is added to the Iframe as well as on the website.

Further detail on the above three steps can be found in the Integration guide

We always recommend you follow your custom set up instructions that your account manager provides to you, you can request a copy of this any time from [email protected]

If you want to check over your set up please review our guide here.

Dashboard Configuration

In your dashboard there are some steps you can take to configure your data.

Set your Time Zone 

For clients who may be based outside of the UK, you can update your reporting timezone in the dashboard here.

Set your Currency 

If you are passing back any revenue or cost data to Ruler Analytics you can configure the reporting currency here.

Ruler will default set this as GBP '£'

Filter Ips

Should you wish to exclude seeing tracking data in your dashboard from certain locations such as internal traffic, or your agencies traffic.

You can filter out IP addresses here.


If you wish to use external integrations and webhooks you will need to enable your API key. This can be done here.

All dashboard configuration can be done in your Ruler dashboard.

Extra Insight Steps

While Ruler can track the activity on your website, there are certain things that will need to be implemented  to ensure you get the most out of the visit, form and call data you see in your dashboard. 

Paid Value Tracking (UTMs)

Adding UTMs / Valuetrack Parameters to your final urls for your paid campaigns will allow you to see extra information about a visit including campaign name, keyword and any other UTM value you may wish to add. 

More information on Value track variables can be found here.

Offline Call Tracking

You can use Static numbers to track calls from offline sources such as Click to Call ads or print advertisement. This will allow you to track calls from offline lead sources and attribute revenue back to these sources as well. More information can be found here.


Google Analytics

Send your new events from your Ruler Analytics dashboard, such as a new phone call, as an event to Google Analytics, Set up instructions can be found here.

Google Ads

Send your new events from your Ruler Analytics dashboard, such as a new phone call, as an event to Google Analytics, Set up instructions can be found here.

More information on Marketing Integrations can be found here.

Data out of Ruler Analytics Integrations

If you wish to send your data out of Ruler Analytics to other sources such as your CRM, Google Sheets or an SQL database there are a few options available.

See more information here on the available options and variables you can pass out of Ruler Analytics.

Data In to Ruler Analytics 

If you are on our ‘Closed Loop Revenue - Attribution’ product, you will want to pass back your sales data into the Dashboard, to attribute your sales to the Marketing channel generating your sales.

More information can be found here.

If you need assistance with any of the checklist steps, get in touch with your account manager or a member of the team at [email protected] today who will be happy to assist. 

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